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Installing grub2 on gnulinux software raid sinodun. I want to mirror the entire disks as raid device instead of creating. Dos partitions on sw raids so install if possible the dmraid pakkage configure the mobo to use a raid array and instal linux on it, it wil reccognize the raid array my self use opensyse 10. Hpt374 highpoint rocketraid 454 is raid controller, but its a software raid card solution, so i dont use its raid drivers, i only use it as a ide card, because it has 4 ports on it. By throughing a harddisk out of the array and copying the data onto it. How do i move a linux software raid to a new machine.

Create the partitions you want to include in your raid set. I installed gentoo on hetzner vservers some years ago using hetzner dokuwiki and later migrated them to hetznercloudservers. Completed, would like inputadditions from other users. Dualboot gentoo and windows 7 with biospowered software raid. To be able to install gentoo, you must create the necessary partitions. You come across this bios setting about raid and you wonder, what. Setting up raid 1 on existing system gentoo forums view topic. Raid system i read gentoo software raid quick installation guide, but i. The raid tools are included in almost every major linux distribution. Name flags part type fs type label size mb sda1 boot primary linux raid autodetect 509. Any raid setup that requires a software driver to work is actually oftware raid, not hardware raid. Linux raid1 mdadm installation gentoo forums view topic. Installing gentoo linux on zfs with nvme drive part 1 guy. I decided to run gentoo as the dom0 os because there is lots of good documentation for it and it has always been my favorite gnulinux distribution.

The highlighted text in the previous image shows the basic syntax to manage raids. Basic installer for gentoo linux, does basic stage3 install to a bootable state. How to install windows 7 onto a software raid array. May 30, 20 installing gentoo with grub2, gpt, luks and software raid mdraidmdadm so for various reasons i wanted to install gentoo utilizing full disk encryption with luks except for boot ofc, mdraid, gpt and grub2. This blog post will document my new fresh gentoo install from within my currently running system. Software raid is compatible with a dual boot environment involving windows but windows will not be able to mount or read any partition involved in the pure software raid, and all pseudohardware raid controllers must be turned off.

Gentoo init boot from linux software raid with superblock. Where possible, information should be tagged with the minimum. Gentoo installation with raid, lvm, luks and systemd. Software raid for root file system boot using grub 2. Gentoo is built around free software and doesnt hide to its users what is beneath the hood.

We cover how to start, stop, or remove raid arrays, how to find information about both the raid device and the underlying storage components, and how to adjust the. The mdadm tool patience, pizza, and your favorite caffeinated beverage. This site is the linux raid kernel list communitymanaged reference for linux software raid as implemented in recent version 4 kernels and earlier. A kernel with the appropriate md support either as modules or builtin.

I have a newly built machine with a fresh gentoo linux install and a software raid 5 array from another machine 4 ide disks connected to offboard pci. If somethings wrong please feel free to correct it. Hetzner installimage and gentoo, are they frendly enough. This documentation is free for all to read and use. Also, it only discusses how to setup a raid array for arbitrary storage. Hello community, im running the gentoo minimal cd and before start to install everything, im trying to build the raid1 arrays. Reviving an old tradition, the next gentoo bugday will take place on saturday 20200606. Note that this isnt available on all installation cds so you might not be able to install gentoo on a software raid when using a. Gentoo raid installation and other sundry ways to wack your box by g.

Im currently installing a new gentoo system with software raid1 and its giving me a dirty, no errors state using mdadm d devmd. Move an existing raid 5 array from ubuntu to gentoo server fault. Gentoo linux step by step installation guide with screenshots. A conversion is possible to from xfs to ext3 for your raid 5. To install gentoo in the first place, you must be able to have access to the raid. Update list of recommended windows software and list of recommended gnulinux software because theyre both old as fuck and importantintegral guides to new and old users alike. But only if your total amount of mbs of your raid doesnt exceed the size of one harddisk in the raid. When the root file system is located on a software raid, an initramfs is necessary. How to do a gentoo install on a softwa re raid by chris atwood 1. If you are not familiar with software raid, please read the software raid howto. The main differences between the gentoo handbook and this tutorial are the emphasis on raid and the use of gentoo hardened. Oct 26, 2017 that said, linux software raid is more robust and better supported and thus, recommended over fakeraid if you do not need to dual boot with windows.

Grub 1 doesnt know anything about raid, but can fake reading from a raid 1 device by reading one of the disks this requires a 0. Ive seen this over the last years and you shouldnt worry about it. Gentoo forums view topic how to do a gentoo install. Gentoo initramfs for full disk encryption im looking for an official guide for installing gentoo with full disk encryption. In configuration variables an exhaustive list of grub2 configuration variables, as used by etcdefaultgrub, is documented. Raid 6 requires 4 or more physical drives, and provides the benefits of raid 5 but with security against two drive failures. Ive actually put this tutorial together to remember how to install the os on the rented server this blog is running on, or if i have to do it again to install a new server. Installing gentoo with grub2, gpt, luks and software raid mdraidmdadm so for various reasons i wanted to install gentoo utilizing full disk encryption with luks except for. View unanswered posts view posts from last 24 hours goto page previous 1, 2. Make sure the kernel has raid 1 and lvm if using it built in. Gentoo forums view topic how to do a gentoo install on a.

I toggled the raid flag as well to indicate to the kernel automounter that this will be a raid partition. If you are not using gentoo, you may be required to do the same. Installing gentoo with grub2, gpt, luks and software raid. Ive got problems during installation gentoo with software mirror raid. This howto assumes you are using sata drives but it should work equally well with ide drives. The gentoo wiki has information that discusses both grub 1 and grub 2. So, i have 6 sata hds with 750mb each one and i want to have three arrays, so i was doing it on this way. These instructions only discuss the last form of raid. Im saying i want to use software raid rather than fake raid because linux would be my main os and linuxs software raid is more flexible than having to use fake raid because windows cant install to software raid. Gentoo init boot from linux software raid with superblock metadata version 1. If you do, check the documentation for your distribution for details. How to manage software raids in linux with mdadm tool part 9. Gentoo has this package available in the portage tree.

To install a 32bit gentoo system you can use either one of a 32bit or a 64bit live cd or dvd, but if you choose to go with a 64bit one, in this case it must be able to run 32bit binary as well. How to do a gentoo install on a software raid by chris atwood 1. About the install before you start reading this howto you should read the x86 install instructions several times to become familiar with the gentoo install process. Sep 07, 2011 perhaps i should have clarified a little better. Raid wont protect you from silent data corruption, its really a basic tool to recover from the failure of a drive assuming that the data on the other drives is reliable. After booting to the live system you must get connected to the internet. It should replace many of the unmaintained and outofdate documents out there such as the software raid howto and the linux raid faq. In advanced storage the necessary steps are documented on how to install and use grub2 on more advanced storage situations, such as software raid, logical volumes or encrypted file systems. Last generation filesystems such as zfs or btrfs should be preferred over software or hardware raid when possible. Aug 16, 2016 how to manage raid arrays with mdadm on ubuntu 16.

When the root file system is located on a software raid, an initramfs is necessary for automatic assembly. Make sure you boot your installation cd using the doataraid option. Raid mode registered, and that no raid devices are currently active. Although most of this should work fine with later 3. These are maintained by the gentoo developers, and patched to fix security vulnerabilities, functional problems, as well as to improve compatibility with rare system architectures. Raid 6 also uses striping, like raid 5, but stores two distinct parity blocks distributed across each member disk.

Note that if you omit the manage option, mdadm assumes management mode anyway. Im currently installing a new gentoo system with software raid1 and its giving me a dirty, no errors state. First i need to give a huge shoutout to fearedbliss the gentoo linux zfs maintainer who has an article on the gentoo wiki page talking through the steps to get this all up and running. Apr 18, 2017 installing gentoo linux on zfs with an nvme drive. Jun 27, 20 gentoo efi, gpt, raid 1, crypt, lvm part 1 spanish mrwhitebp. Note that the situation is completely different in grub 1 and grub 2. Keep this fact in mind to avoid running into trouble further down the road. When configuring your bootloader, make sure it gets installed in the mbr of both disks if you use mirroring.

Jun 24, 2005 of course, with gentoo linux you must build your own kernel. Jul 11, 2010 i have been setting up a two machines with software raid to use as xen virtual environments. But as always in gentoo theres other options also available. So you have gentoo and windows 7 installed on your box. So i dont want to cripple linux just because windows is forced to use fake raid.

Note that this isnt available on all installation cds so you might not be able to install gentoo on a software raid when using a networkless installation. This wiki describes how to get linux to see the raid as one disk and boot from it in the same way that windows will install on this type of device. I am not the best typist this side of stone mountain. When you are at the gentoo livecd autorun, make sure to add the dodmraid option. Gentoo hardened on software raid howto toms basement. Number start end size file system name flags 1 1049kb 500mb 499mb esi boot 2 500mb 35. Create logical volume with name raid0lv0 on volume group raid0vg0 with raid1 logic, use all available space. Linux does have drivers for some raid chipsets, but instead of trying to get some unsupported, propietary driver to work with your system, you may be better off with the md driver, which is opensource and well supported. The gentoo recommended kernel sources for a desktop system are, of course, syskernel gentoo sources.

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