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Codes src 2005 directors report it is particularly pleasing for me to write the codes directors report for 2005, the final year of the prescribed nineyear funding period of the arc special research centre, secure in the knowledge that codes will continue on into a new 5year phase of existence, as an arc centre of excellence. For further details please visit the rio tinto website. The company was founded in 1873, when a multinational consortium of investors purchased a mine complex on the rio tinto, in huelva, spain, from the spanish government. Five china steel firms probed in rio tinto spy case. Equip 201617 annual report super fair and square 12 as ceo, i was particularly pleased with our annual member research results, which showed that the proportion of rio tinto respondents who were confident that equip is the right. Rio tinto offers diamond products across a wide range, from the pink, champagne and cognac stones from argyle in australia, to the spectacular whites of diavik in canada and murowa in zimbabwe. Annual report for the year ended 30 june 2014 2014 annual report page 4 20 november 2014 shire presidents report in the 202014 year, councils focus has remained on continuing to implement initiatives and projects to enhance economic growth, encourage investment, promote the region as a unique tourism and. The china effect disha bhargav 27325444 vanessa campanelli 26938612 daniel kozel. Annual report 2004 bougainville cover1 2001 2005 8. Italtile limited investor center financial reports and. Contents our business 2018 at a glance 4 chairmans statement 6 chief executives statement 8 market context. Annual report year ending 30 june 2016 download pdf corazon mining. Copies of rio tinto s shareholder documents the 2017 annual report and 2017 strategic report, along with the 2018 notices of annual.

Implementation of radiation management plan annual report 2014 pdf 2. The record date for holders of us adrs will be 9 march 2020. The trucks are part of what rio tinto calls the mine of the future a concept around innovation and reinvention to ensure the company survives and thrives in periods of change. The data is provided in collaboration with gris datapartners. There will be differences in the data of the various. Click the button below to request a report when hardcopies become available. Financial report and auditors report acknowledgments. As a result, our economic interest in ptfi, including our share of ptfis net income, is. View the latest rio financial statements, income statements and financial ratios.

Results for the year ending 31 december 2004 the net profit was k7. Labrador iron ore royalty corporation liorc, a canadian corporation, owns interests in iron ore company of. Annual report and financial statementsfor all future years may do so by writing to the companies registrars. It also holds a 40% joint venture interest in a carbon anode and cathode facility located in china. Rio tinto 2006 annual report and financial statements 1 rio tinto s annual report and financial statementsencompass australian and uk statutory requirements. Quarterly report 2005 q1 summary 2005 q2 summary 2005 q3 summary 2005 q4 summary. Rio tinto 2014 annual report global reporting initiative. Copies of rio tinto s shareholder documents the 2014 annual report and 2014 strategic report, along with the 2015 notices of annual general meeting are available to view on the groups website. Rio tinto plc has reached its limit for free report views.

This annual report, which includes the groups 2015 strategic report, complies with australian and uk reporting requirements. Copies of rio tintos shareholder documents the 2015 annual report and 2015 strategic report, along with the 2016 notices. Annual report year ending 30 june 2016 download pdf corazon. Downloads by section chief executives statement pdf 177. All water chemistry data collected during 2005 is reported in appendix a. We build better futures for our people, clients and communities. Bougainville copper limited annual report the company.

He has broad board experience with startup and established companies, and with government bodies. This is a standardized form from the securities and exchange commission sec that must be submitted on an annual basis by all overseas companies with shares traded on the new york stock exchange. The auditors report on the full financial statements under uk gaap for the year ended 31 december 2004 was unqualified and did not contain statements under section 2372 of the united kingdom. Risk management 18 annual statement by the rio tinto plc company balance sheet 202. In october 2005, rio tinto alcan signed a memorandum of. Regional exploration activities during the period focussed on program finalisation and field preparation for. Italtile seeks to be the leading global retailer in the supply of quality fashionable ceramic and porcelain tiles, sanitaryware and related products, coupled with sound service to meet customers expectations. Rio tinto 2008 annual report 7 overview diamonds gem diamonds share the role with gold as a luxury commodity in jewellery. Energy queenslands overall performance for 201819 is reported in the 201819 energy queensland annual report pdf 16. This annual report includes the downer edi limited directors report, the annual financial report and independent audit report for the financial year ended. In 200506, ceda audiences were privileged to hear from some of australias most prominent people. Rio tinto is a mining and metals company operating in about 36 countries around the world products.

Bougainville copper limited annual report 99686 bougainvilleround 5 1103 2005 8. Annual reports for all years from ipo in 1999 to the present. Rio tinto has released guidance for 2017 of between 11. Burrup fertilisers continued construction of its anhydrous ammonia plant. Rio tinto is reducing the print run of this document to be more environmentally friendly. We believe we can be part of the solution to address climate change. Rio tinto is an angloaustralian multinational and one of the worlds largest metals and mining corporations. We work with external stakeholders, as well as public and private security providers, to promote understanding and implementation of the vpshr. Rio tinto plc will hold its 2008 annual general meeting in london on 17 april 2008 and rio tinto limited will hold its 2008 annual general meeting in brisbane, on 24 april 2008. Both the above documents are also available in electronic form. Rio tinto clearly identifies the key achievements and priorities for the coming year in relation to nonfinancial issues as part of the overall strategy. These contracts date back to 2005 or earlier, and the majority expire between 2023 and 2030.

Notice of meeting the annual general meeting of bougainville copper limited will be held at 10. Copies of rio tintos shareholder documents the 2014 annual report and 2014 strategic report, along with the 2015 notices of annual general meeting are available to view on the groups website. Century aluminum company produces primary aluminum in the united states, iceland, and internationally. Access johnson mattheys annual reports, dating back to 1998, and get to grips with our financial and nonfinancial performance over the years. Based on exchange rates on 25 february 2020, rio tinto plc shareholders will receive 177. Rio tinto plc does not currently have any hardcopy reports on. Brief analysis report of rio tinto rio tinto is a british multinational metals and mining corporation with headquarters in london and a management office in melbourne, australia. Rio tinto plc company balance sheet 244 rio tinto plc company statement of changes in equity 245 rio tinto financial information by business unit 249 australian corporations act summary of asic relief 252 directors declaration 253 auditors independence declaration 254 independent auditors report 255 financial summary 200918 264. Building on our long history of transparency and providing comprehensive disclosures over the tax and other payments we make to governments. Business leaders speaking to ceda included the ceos of the big four banks and asx 200 companies csl, rio tinto, toll holdings and fairfax.

It involves in the mining, processing, and sale of copper. The monthly returns are then compounded to arrive at the annual. Please visit rio tintos website to learn more about the groups performance in 2015. Rio tinto plc rio sec filing 20f annual report for the. The corporation was founded in 1873 and it ranked at the number 263 in global 500 of largest worldwide companies in 2008. Adr holders will receive the dividends, as declared, in us dollars. Annual report 2006 pdf annual report 2005 pdf 20002004. Get the latest full company report for rio tinto plc from zacks investment research. Rio rio tinto plc adr annual income statement marketwatch. Risk management and principal risks and uncertainties on pages 18 to 25 inclusive of this report. Rio tinto ltd continued its major port expansion at parker point, and the upgrade of its dampier salt export facility. Rio tinto finance limited directors report 31 december 2009 directors report the directors present their report on rio tinto finance limited the company for the year and up to the date of this report. Mar 14, 2008 rio tinto plc will hold its 2008 annual general meeting in london on 17 april 2008 and rio tinto limited will hold its 2008 annual general meeting in brisbane, on 24 april 2008.

Remedial progress analysis of 2005 groundwater monitoring data indicates that the remedial extraction program is continuing to achieve substantial reduction in contaminant levels within the plume. Presentations key presentations from each financial year. Rio tinto will announce when its 2007 annual report on form 20f has been filed with the united states securities and exchange commission. There will be differences in the data of the various reports due to categories included or excluded in each jurisdiction. Annual report for the year ended december 31, 2016. Rio tinto to provide additional information to us ftc on jac. In 2006, dr thorne was appointed global head of rio tinto s technology, innovation and project engineering functions, reporting to the chief executive. The annual general meeting of bougainville copper limited will be held at 10. Annual report 1999 pdf annual report 1998 pdf read more. Annual report 1989 2005 16 years of service to the pilbara 2005. Rio tinto is a leader in finding, mining and processing the earths mineral resources.

The innovation culture that spurred rio tintos mine of. Annual report 2004 pdf annual report 2003 pdf annual report 2002 pdf annual report 2001 pdf annual report 2000 pdf 19951999. We aim to deliver superior returns to our shareholders while safeguarding the environment and meeting our obligations to wider society. Apr 24, 2020 rio tinto plc adr annual stock financials by marketwatch. Kazakhmys plc, a natural resources company, primarily engages in the production and sale of copper. Wikipedia, 2012 rio tinto s net earning has decreased in the year 2011 mainly because of the. Bougainville copper on the web information about bougainville copper is available on our website pg and the annual report and other information may be. The first 43 pages of rio tintos 2015 annual report constitute its 2015 strategic report.

He spent most of his career in a range of senior executive positions with cra rio tinto and pacific dunlop, in australia and overseas. Rio tinto 2005 annual report and financial statements 1 81795x 1010 25206 9. Our business in a transforming world 10 strategic realities 12 business model and strategy. Rio tinto ltd continued its major port expansion at parker point, and the. Rio tinto group is a dual listed company dlc, and as such has separate shareholder listings for rio tinto plc and rio tinto limited, however shareholders from both lists own the assets of both companies as if they were one. Export annual and quarterly reports to adobe pdf, microsoft word and excel for offline viewing, annotations and analysis. Department of industry and resources annual report 200506 1 the director generals report the departments role the department of industry and resources doir provides strategic and policy advice to government to create an environment that will further the growth and. Political leaders included the federal treasurer and ministers for defence and. We declared the highest cash returns to shareholders in. Since then, the company has grown through a long series of mergers. Annual report pursuant to section or 15d of the securities exchange act of 1934 for the fiscal year ended december 31, 2018 or transition report pursuant to section or 15d of the. Name date of notice number of shares % of issued share capital.

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