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World maritime university dissertations dissertations 2014. The leadership team for this energy giant needs to stay abreast of the latest newsresearch, from both upstream to downstream, on a global and regional basis so they are using a new platform to find, filter and share an unprecedented wealth of information and insights in minutes instead. It allows for the disposal of platforms and manmade structures at sea so long as licensed by the national authorities. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Global energy companys research team saves time and enables smarter decisions with innovative platform. Article 5 of annex iii of ospar equates the whole or partial nonremoval of disused offshore installations to dumping, tolerated only if a permit has been issued by the competent national authorities, again on acasebycase. Technology has advanced in more than 40 years to where fixed structures now exist in water depths of about 400 metres in the gulf of mexico and installations are being designed for. Therefore, the london dumping convention clearly covers the disposal of offshore platforms at sea, either totally or partially. If a toppled platform is converted to an artificial reef, it falls within the jurisdiction of the london dumping convention. Environmental conditions affecting marine structures, wave statistics, and the. The decommissioning of offshore oil and gas installations and pipelines on the united kingdom continental shelf ukcs is controlled through the. Offshore decommissioning a seminar sharing practical experiences of safe, assured and cost effective projects. Ospar decision 983 ref 1, which came into force in february 1999, requires all redundant manmade structures in the ospar region to. Decommissioning, abandonment and removal off obsolete offshore installations.

Therearecurrently7500structuresbuilt for the hydrocarbon industry e. The type is used in benign water depths up to 400m gulf. Introduction to the analysis and design of offshore structures an. Decommissioning operations are generally routine, involving standard, lowtechnology methods, over distinct stages and relatively short time horizons. Decommissioning and recycling of ships and offshore structures. Edition january 2017 page 3 diving systems dnv gl as changes current this document supersedes dnvose402 offshore standard for diving systems, october 2010 and dnvdse403 standard for surface diving systems, july 2012 changes in this document are highlighted in red colour. The worlds offshore oil and gas infrastructure is aging doyle et al. Thus i would like to register my indebtedness to various authors of the books, manuals and journals from which materials have been gathered. Decommissioning offshore structures represents the end of the production life cycle, when wells are plugged and abandoned, infrastructure is removed, and the site is remediated and cleared of debris. Decommissioning of an offshore production topside and jacket in one run. National regulations reflect national interests within their 200nm economic zone and will deal with. Department of the interior bureau of safety and environmental enforcement. The ospar convention governs the decommissioning of offshore structures in the north sea region. Dnv gls independent verification service ensures confidence in the compliance, safety and structural integrity of new and ageing structures.

From planning through to execution the research is examining how offshore structures can be effectively and efficiently removed while maintaining high. Offshore oil and gas structures have been in existence since the 1920 s and their associated technology has developed rapidly. Below you will find a brief overview of decommissioning, abandonment and removal off offshore oil and gas installation, including a discussion on secondary use of obsolete structures and reef effects. Design aids of offshore structures under special environmental loads. When a company signs a lease for offshore oil or gas exploration or production, rightofway or rightofuseandeasement, that initial agreement includes the process of decommissioning the well, that is, safely plugging the hole in the earths crust, and disposing of the equipment used to support the production. He has published many research papers in international technical journals and has authored many books about marine structure calculation, assessment of. These exercises have also included riskbased verification methods in decommissioning projects for the dismantling and removal of major topsides where a riskbased verification approach aims at. Legal aspects of decommissioning offshore structures. Offshore structures for deepwater oil and gas production fixed steel structures with piles or gravity bases are installed throughout the world figure 3 types 1, 2, 3 and 10. Increasingly over the next few decades, the oil and gas industry faces the complex task of decommissioning its offshore.

Over 600 offshore projects to be decommissioned over the. The module introduces analytic and numeric methods for predicting the wind, wave and current loads on offshore structures and the engineering design of different systems to ensure their safety and performance under these expected loads. Environmental sensitivity there are no ecologically sensitive areas within 15 km radius at the offshore location. For storage of dismantled structuresmaterial in the onshore yard, the selected 3rd party will obtain approval from maharashtra state pollution control board. Dynamics of offshore structures 1st edition elsevier. The challenges of offshore decommissioning on the ukcs are every increasing. Due in part to a growing demand for offshore oil and gas exploration, the development of marine structures that initially started onshore is now moving into. Scholarly articles on environmental impacts of offshore. This book includes detailed analysis methods and design guidelines for fire resistance, with. The offshore industry had its beginning in 1947 in 20 feet of water in the gulf of mexico. The two main groups of structures are the fixed structures and the compliant structures. Ocs study mms 2001006 the politics, economics, and.

Decommissioning, abandonment and removal off offshore oil. Many regional agreements may put up more stringent rules and, for instance, ban offshore disposal in deep water as is the case for atlantic europe and the north sea. Decommissioning activities supported have ranged from entire platforms in the northern north sea to individual packages and isolated appraisal wells. Decommissioning offshore structures environmental science. Design aids of offshore structures under special environmental. Sbm offshore is an integral part of offshore oil and gas development in angola. Offshore decommissioning cost estimation in the gulf of. Analysis of the role of ecological science in offshore continental shelf. Decommissioning of offshore renewable energy installations.

Operators must ensure that the necessary permits are in place prior to decommissioning a structure. Gulf states are willing to accept the rigstoreefs alternative, and have developed state policy and programs. The main part of the book is concerned with the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis of marine structures, followed by an evaluation of marine structure. Api publishes five standards for offshore drilling. In respect of some kinds of structures it is also in its infancy, so that the necessary information to perform the kind of comparison we have attempted was unpublished, hard to find and, sometimes, commercially confidential. What is offshore decommissioning infographic mactech. This process is critical for environmental protection after a well is. Buy decommissioning offshore structures environmental science and engineering edition. It is a minor update of report 484 1 published in 2012. A practical strategy for removing and disposing these structures needs to be developed which best meets the demands of all of these different aspects. This report provides an overview of the decommissioning options available to offshore concrete gravity based structures cgbs.

The ageing of the worlds fixed offshore structures and the desire to extend their service life calls for an advanced and costeffective approach to verification, including probabilistic methods for planning inspection for fatigue cracks. Plugs are carefully installed into the well, pressuretested. Offshore structures have come from being simple derricks at the ends of wooden piers to massive structures weighing over 20,000 tons miles from shore. It is important for platform owners to understand the full range of. An assessment of techniques for removing offshore structures. The offshore decommissioning process in 6 quick steps. Subsea structures such as wellheads may also have exclusion zones set by legal instrument. The waste arising from the decommissioning or dismantling of a drilling rig in the uk must be managed in accordance with the environmental permit requirements at. International rules on decommissioning of offshore. The module suits a range of career pathways linked to our marine, maritime and offshore energy industries. Increasingly over the next few decades, the oil and gas industry faces the complex task of decommissioning its offshore platforms, pipelines and subsea equipment as they reach the end of their operational capabilities. Areas containing hazardous materials must be purged and cleaned to prevent release of hydrocarbons.

To purchase this book for personal use or request an inspection copy. Decommissioning bureau of safety and environmental. The american petroleum institute announced recently the publication of five recommended practices for the design, construction, and maintenance of offshore structures used. The politics, economics, and ecology of decommissioning offshore oil and gas structures 3 the southern california context is much different from that of the gulf experience. The decommissioning of steel piled jackets in the north. Decommissioning involves and integrates many distinct aspects. The company has been operating there since 1968, starting with the supply of a shallow water calm buoy to gulf oil. Decommissioning of offshore concrete gravity based. Decommissioning offshore infrastructure policy scope of. Decommissioning methodology and cost evaluation bpa no. A brief outline of the new provisions and what they mean is given in annex f. This handbook helps offshore engineers acquiring and sustaining relevant expertise in working with bottom founded structures and other offshore structures. A one day practical seminar 2nd june 2015 aberdeen, tree.

United nations convention on the continental shelf, art. Decommissioning of offshore structures is a highly complex and technical exercise. Society of petroleum engineers spe international conference on health, safety and environment in oil and gas exploration and production 2011, vienna, austria, 451464. Read decommissioning offshore structures by available from rakuten kobo. Sustainable closure and decommissioning of onshore and offshore oil and gas assets in nigeria 1 introduction resources or commercial viability of continued operation. Handbook of bottom founded offshore structures pdf. These provisions do not change the overriding policy governing the decommissioning of offshore renewable energy installations, but help to provide greater clarity to developers, and greater protection to taxpayers. In oceans and seas worldwide, an increasing number of endoflife anthropogenic offshore structures e. The physical process of taking offshore platforms out of service safely and securely is a sensitive, complex and technically formidable undertaking.

Purchase dynamics of offshore structures 1st edition. This book captures the central elements of the management of ageing offshore structures and pipelines in the life extension phase. Buy decommissioning offshore structures environmental science and engineering softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. As the guardian of these resources and the wellbeing of the population, the federal government needs to. The decommissioning challenge involves the removal of heavy structures from the most inhospitable offshore environments. Mobile drilling rigs are legally classified as ships and subject to shipping regulations. Houston the decommissioning of aging offshore oil and gas platforms, subsea wells and related assets is increasing dramatically, with more than.

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