Download 98se autoexec and config

The name of the file is an abbreviation of automatic execution, which describes its function in automatically executing commands on system startup. Running dos in windows 98 october 2004 forums cnet. Bat regardless of whether the gui or the cli is being loaded. I have successfully created a boot disk, using a windows 98 emulator on my. If the mouse drivers are not loaded properly, the mouse will not work. Sys can be reversed, to reestablish the automatic start of windows 9x and the logo, if so wanted. Like i said before, windows 98 98se doesnt normally need anything listed in the config. If this error occurs during windows 9598 setup, use the following steps to resolve the issue. Weve got the configs of a whole bunch of professional cs.

A batch file that is run automatically when dos starts. So if you ever change your settings, your custom binds and stuff arent removed from config. Dec, 2014 page 1 of 2 trying to install windows 98se posted in windows 9598me. This page contains information on configuring an msdos or windows 98 environment to. How to add usb flash drive capability to msdos and windows 98. After the disk is formatted and system files transferred, click on the links below to download the files.

If the system reboot under safe mode, add this command line in autoexec. When you launch the game, it uses default settings, saved to the file config. We recommend that you download this file and save it to your desktop or to another location where you can find it. If problem reoccurs in the future, simply rerun this program.

Sound card, anti virus software, etc those two files are not needed. Launch the system configuration utility from msinfo tools menu. This presents a problem because windows 98se when booting processes everything in config. Here you can find some sample configuration files you can use for a dos setup in. System do reboot, then this command line will not there. Jun 26, 2004 windows 98 what should be in my config. Bat file will cause that line to be ignored remarked out, whereas a semicolon tends to be preferred for. Ini, its replacement windows 9598me textascii system file, loads windows 9xme os boot options and paths settings upon bootup, is located in the root directoryfolder of the boot drivepartition default is c. You will have to experiment to see which one works for you. This batch file can also define resident programs to download such as. Hence the user, if booting straight to the gui, needs to prevent those msdos usb drivers being automatically loaded. Installing windows 98 getting your cd drive to work for. Go players ready to download, so if you want to use for example s1mples settings, just go to his player page and click config and your download should begin automatically before you begin this process we recommend you to create a. If you have windows 95, windows 98, or later versions of windows.

Jul 03, 2005 the unattended and updated boot cd for windows 98 has evolved into thewindows 98 seven years later ed. When i click run type in msconfig and enter, the system configuration utility opens and under the config. Last week i replace all those files but after a reboot this weekend the 16 bit issue came back which i did not discover until this morning, only hours after norton antivirus found the trojan. Sys for accessing dsl for accounts that need a username and password from windows 98se machines, uuse winpoet. Windows 98 boot disk contents allbootdisks providing free boot. Mar 02, 2000 customize the windows 98 boot process by editing the msdos. Actually you can change this file, but that makes returning to the default conditions and even adjusting your personal settings a bit complicated. Sys microsoft dos system is a vital the os is unable to load without it or without winboot. Note that there is also a lot of room for specific optimization if you are running dos programs under win9x as well. Sys, a configuration file, which will not boot windows 9598 if parameter. Unattended and updated boot cd for windows 98 windows 9xme. Bat is a system file that was originally on dostype operating systems.

Msdos boot disk contents allbootdisks providing free. Autoexec is a cfg file for launching a game with set convars that will get automatically executed on launch. Use the system configuration utility to edit the config. You couls also use the edit command to view and make changes to files such as c. Double click on the file to run it once its downloaded. Mar 05, 2002 device or program loading from the config.

The cdrom drivers guide a guide to cdrom driver resources on the. Sys file by brien posey in microsoft on march 2, 2000, 12. The only reason to use them now, is to load dos drivers for real mode dos programs. All you need to use a pro players config is a downloadable file of their config file. This works well for all configurations until i boot into windows. Do not install this starter pack in windows 95 or 98 msdos mode. Place all the convars inside the file with each convar on a seperate line. Aug 05, 2017 a csgo autoexec file is a settings file that you put commands into. Customize the windows 98 boot process by editing the msdos. Dircmd is an environmental variable and is set via the control panel system or with the batch file that launches the command prompt. To create an autoexec create a text document named autoexec and save it with a. This is the program that has been removing autoexec. Jan 16, 20 this computer came with windows 98 second edition, i upgraded it to windows xp pro, run great for years, but got a lot of junk in it, so i decided to reload windows 98, when windows started to load, got message not enough memory to run windows, close some programs in autoexec. When you run the game, these commands will run instantly when you launch counter strike.

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